How do I arrange for counselling?

Clients can access counselling in several different ways. The easiest, and most common, is for the individual who wishes to receive counselling to contact Eclipse by telephone or e-mail to arrange for an initial interview. Sometimes a client's partner, parent or family will contact Eclipse to make enquires about the availability of counselling, however, counselling can only be successful if the individual attends counselling sessions voluntarily and with a clear desire to co-operate with the counselling process. Clients are also referred to Eclipse through other service providers, GPs, Probation, and other voluntary agencies.

How long will the counselling take?

The first interview will be an initial interview which will take approximately 30 minutes. The client will initially be offered four counselling sessions each of about 45 minutes, however, most clients will require more than four sessions to successfully deal with the issue particularly with addiction issues. The length of time the whole counselling process takes will depend on the nature of the issues being explored.

Where will the counselling be done?

Counselling sessions are conducted at the Eclipse offices in Newport Pagnell.

Maze Gardens