Why the need for parent support?

When an individual suffers from addiction, so do the family, parents or partner. Eclipse recognises the need to involve the family, both to support the individual and to deal with the family issues that arise through the chaotic home life that can come with addictions.

Parents are often traumatised when they discover their child is abusing drugs or alcohol and they need the support and advice that Eclipse can give them. They will want to know how best to support their child, to give them the chance of a better future and to live a life free from addiction.

In some cases the individual suffering from addiction is also a parent who is struggling to cope with life and who has real parenting issues. These people, in addition to needing help with the psychological damage caused by their own addiction, will often need support and help with children who have been affected by their parent's lifestyle.

What does Eclipse offer

Eclipse provides an opportunity and an environment in which parents can be advised and given practical support to help them deal with what may sometimes be major relational, psychological and behavioural issues.

Parents 7 week course: Monday evenings - 7.30pm - 9pm

Parents Support Group (every week): Monday evenings - 7.45pm - 9pm

We will soon be launching a family support group.

Broken Families